When and Why You Might Need a Lawyer

With all the crime shows people watch today, they are well aware that they should ask for a lawyer before saying anything to the police, regardless of guilt or innocence. However, there are numerous times that you may need a lawyer, even if you are not accused of a crime. What are some of the times it might be wise to consult with an attorney?

Have You Been Injured?

If you were hurt in any type of vehicle accident from a car, truck, motorcycle, tractor trailer, or even if you were a pedestrian struck by an automobile, you should not talk to the insurance company or an adjuster. When you are injured, you should also seek medical attention right away. Far too many times, people have thought that they were okay and refused to go to the hospital or doctor, only to begin experiencing pain or problems the next day or so.

If you begin having problems in a couple days or a week after your accident, it will make it harder to prove when the injury occurred. When you seek medical attention, this documents that fact that you were the victim of an accident that caused your problems. If you do not have this documentation, an insurance company will probably claim your injury could have been caused by something else, and it can affect compensation.

How An Attorney Can Help

An attorney can help you to understand your rights and how to handle the situation for the best outcome. It is likely that you do not know all the damages that you could be entitled to receive as a result of your injury. Many times people unknowingly damage their case by talking to the wrong people. One example of a firm that offers a semi-truck accident attorney tampa fl is The Law Offices of James G. Souza III.

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Insurance companies, particularly the ones for the opposite side, are not going to magically offer you everything you are entitled to for your injuries. It is their job to try and not pay anything. If they do make an offer, it is far less than what you should be getting. A lawyer can negotiate a fair amount for the injuries, as well as loss of wages, medical expenses, and other losses.