Things to Take Into Account when Hiring a Litigation Attorney in Singapore

When it comes to legal disputes, especially those that venture into the realm of civil action, litigation lawyers in Singapore are going to be extremely helpful for a number of different reasons. Some people who never had to face a civil action, whether they are defending themselves from a lawsuit or they are considering bringing a lawsuit, may be a bit unprepared about how to go about hiring a litigation lawyer.

The Flat Fee

When it comes to the costs of hiring a litigation lawyer, there are three basic categories. The first category is a litigation lawyer that will charge a flat fee. This is fairly common for minor civil issues that the attorney feels can be taken care of rather quickly.

Hourly Rates

The next is when a litigation lawyer charges by the hour. This is typically reserved for cases that the attorney feels will take a longer period of time to settle, whether it’s through negotiations or in the courtroom.

A Contingency Basis

Lastly is an attorney that charges a contingency. This means that the client will pay no upfront money and the attorney will receive a portion or percentage of any damages awarded to their client. The upside to an attorney charging a contingency fee is that these are the types of cases that attorneys feel are extremely strong and the chances of winning are quite good.

Sage Advice

If a person is considering legal action through the civil courts, it’s also good to consult with a litigation attorney. These attorneys can take a brief but detailed look at a particular situation and they can advise an individual or business as to whether they feel they have a strong case.

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If the case is good, a lawsuit can be filed. However, if the case isn’t so strong, not filing a lawsuit could save an individual, business or organization a fair amount of time and money in a fruitless effort to bring legal action against another party.

Understanding the costs involved in hiring a litigation lawyer, as well as taking advantage of consultation appointments to get an attorney’s opinion in terms of the strength of a case, is essential. This could help you be prepared for the costs of their services and it can help you avoid messy entanglements when trying to move forward on a case that isn’t strong.