The Importance of Hiring a DWI Lawyer

If you make the mistake of thinking you can talk your way out of a DWI like you could a parking ticket in court, you are going to be in for a rude awakening. Not only is it near impossible to convince a judge that the arresting officer made a mistake without legal help, you are going to be subjected to even stiffer penalties when the judge gets offended that you did not take this serious enough to hire a DWI lawyer. These cases are some of the most complex in the courts and the penalties could negatively impact you for many years to come. These are a few of the things that your local DWI lawyer Anoka MN professional will focus on when they take on your case.

Getting the Most Favorable Outcome

Even if the judge is not willing to accept your side of the story and makes a ruling, your DWI lawyer can still use the power of plea bargaining to get a better result. Having already spent countless time in this court and getting to know the judge and the prosecutors, your lawyer knows exactly when and what to push for. In many cases, your lawyer could convince the other side to be more lenient on the penalties and possibly reduce the charge to reckless, something that carries fewer fines and will allow you to keep your driving privileges.

Courtroom Experience Is The Key

When you appear before the judge who is presiding over this case, you are going to hear and see things that you may not be in the position to answer for. Your DWI lawyer has been in the court so many times with these cases that they understand what needs to be done at every turn. Nothing shocks your attorney, and they are able to have a defense for anything the prosecution may throw at them. Being able to work on the fly can help your case tremendously because your lawyer knows what has and hasn’t worked in the past.

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Questioning the Testing Device or Methods

Although you may not have any understanding of why the officer chose a specific field test or how the equipment works, your attorney is in a position to question everything. With enough time, your DWI lawyer can determine if certain equipment has a history of giving false readings and if the officer has a history of making mistakes with certain tests. Any small holes your lawyer can poke in the case will help greatly in the end.

With the help of a skilled lawyer, you stand the best chance of being able to have the charges lessened or the case dismissed altogether. Your attorney has already spent countless hours in the court helping other drivers to preserve their driving privileges, it only makes sense to allow them the chance to help you in this case. If you go at it alone, you run the risk of losing your license, paying substantial fines, and possibly spending time in the local jail too.