The Different Types of Bail Bonds

The process for getting out of custody can be difficult and stressful. You can secure bail on your own or with the help of a bond agent. There are a few things you should consider before securing a bail bond.

Cash Bond

A cash bond will let you leave jail with a cash payment. Some institutions will not accept cash, but they will take a cashier’s check or credit card payment. On the other hand, some facilities will only accept cash. You should always check before heading off to jail. If you are low on cash, you can contact a bond agent to help post bail.

Surety Bond

A surety bond is the most common type of bond. The bond is secured by placing down 10 percent of the bail. The bond agent will guarantee the remaining bail amount. You must show up for court with this agreement. If you fail to do so, the bond agent can have a warrant out for your arrest.

Property Bond

Property bonds can help those who do not have cash on hand. This type of bond does take time. You should not expect to be released right away. A property bond hearing must take place. During this time, the property’s value is fully assessed. It can take a few weeks to secure this bond.

Federal Bail Bond

If you want to be released from federal custody, you will need a federal bond. This bond can be secured with property or cash. You do not need to contact a bond agent for this bond. It is handled through the court system.

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Citation Release

A citation release is a simple process. This bond requires no cash or property transactions. The police officer writes a citation and you are free to go. You must show up for court at the assigned time and date.

If you need 24 hour bail bonds Allentown PA, there are a few options for you. These agents can secure a bond to get your loved one out of jail.