Suspects don’t Afraid to Use Advocates

Regardless of Advocate as a Profession work, Advocate is also as a free and independent Law Enforcer who in carrying out his profession is guaranteed by Law and Regulation, with working area of ​​all jurisdictions.

Advocates in carrying out their profession in the field of litigation involved in all judicial proceedings and ordinary legal efforts and remedy extraordinary (herziening). So that the Advocate profession in handling legal issues is needed in all social stratification either from the small people, entrepreneurs, any officials to the President.

During this impression those who need advocate as a Legal Counsel is a group of capable people who require expensive, expensive, so advocates are not for the poor. This indication is used as the basis by many unscrupulous Investigators on how to suspect or whomever they arrest so as not to exercise their right to be defended or accompanied by the Advocate (Legal Counsel) upon examination of the Suspect, for reasons and specific motives.

In this paper to be known to the public at large, it should be said that if you are arrested, detained or stipulated as a Suspect, your legal rights are as follows: 1.) The right to contact and choose your legal counsel; 2.) Right to be checked by investigators immediately after 1 × 24 hours of detention; 3.) The right to be clearly notified in the language understood by you of what is suspected to you and charged at the time of examination; 4.) The right to freely give information to the investigator and to the judge at the time of investigation and trial; 5.) The right to request or postpone suspension of detention; 6.) The right to contact or receive your personal physician’s visit for the sake of health; 7.) The right to obtain suspension of detention or change of detention status; 8.) The right to send letters or receive letters from legal counsel and relatives without being examined by the investigator / prosecutor / judge / official of the state custody; 9.) The right to object to the detention or type of detention to the investigator; 10.) The right to contact and receive the visit of the clergy; 11.) The right to be free from pressures such as: intimidation, being scared, and physically tortured in order to gain your recognition; 12) The right to be informed by the investigator of your right to legal aid; Etc.

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The need for you to obtain legal assistance from per diem lawyer nyc Advocates or Legal Counsel is intended to ensure that your legal rights including your human rights are not raped in the judicial process. But it is very likely you will experience a dead end in exercising your right to be defended and accompanied by the Legal Counsel, because you are psychologically in the power of the detainee. And not all Investigators are happy to see the defendant being defended and accompanied by an Advocate or Legal Counsel, with all kinds of motives. Therefore, in the current enforcement of law enforcement reform, we all as law enforcers must be willing to understand and respect the legal rights, whether the legal rights of suspects, defendants and convicts. So that the rule of law in turn will be truly enforceable.