Releasing People From Jail

If you have a desire to help others and understand the components of the criminal justice system, then you should consider a career as a bail bondsman. Each state has its own requirements to work in this field, but the process is overall the same for many people. Some states require that you have a degree in criminal justice, but this usually isn’t necessary as long as you can show that you have some kind of training or education in your background.

When you begin looking into Allen County bail bonds and the careers that are associated in this field of law, you should talk to someone who is experienced in writing bonds and who has the knowledge of how the jail process works. You need to be of the legal age to work as a bondsman, which is usually 21. You can’t have any outstanding bail bonds or misdemeanor drug violations over the course of the 24 months prior to working as a bondsman. Since you will need to get to the jail at any time as well as locate people who don’t go to court, you need to have a valid driver’s license. There must be no felony convictions on your record. As a bondsman, you can’t be employed with the sheriff’s department or other law enforcement agencies including law offices.

Most states require that you take a pre-licensing course. There are classes offered throughout the year as well that you can take. During the first year as an agent, you must work under the supervision of an experienced and licensed agent in your state. During this time, you will learn about the procedures and laws associated with being a bondsman. Apply for a license to work as a bondsman, and set up an account so that you have access to money to have people released from jail when they need your help.

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