Protecting Your Financial Future with an Olympia Personal Injury Lawyer

Whether you fell inside a restaurant or were involved in a head-on collision in your car, you need to act fast in order for the responsible party to be held accountable. When most injured parties focus all their efforts on getting better, they lose focus on the big picture and wind up settling for far less than they were entitled because most of the evidence in the case is gone.

This is why you need to have someone call on your behalf and connect with the local personal injury attorney Olympia WA professional right after you suffer an injury.

Preserving the Scene of Your Accident

While you are being rushed to the hospital or visiting with your family physician, the evidence you need to win a large cash settlement is starting to disappear. It is not only a challenge for the injured to get to the scene fast to gather evidence, many have no idea what to be looking for in the first place. Your local Olympia accident lawyer has a team of investigators that spend their days going to accident scenes to preserve every ounce of evidence.

The team has reached out to local witnesses, will take plenty of pictures and measurements, as well as a video of the surrounding areas.

Dealing Directly with the Insurance Company

Once the insurance company gets word from the physicians that your injuries are serious, they will begin to make attempts to get you to settle the claim before you get to a lawyer. They realize the settlement could be huge, so they dangle a big check in front of the victim and hope they take the bait. Once they do, they cannot follow-up down the road with another lawsuit.

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The advantage of working with an Olympia personal injury lawyer is they know all the ploys, and they will shield you from these attempts to pressure you to take less.

Putting the Right Value on Your Injuries

Once your personal injury lawyer meets with your physicians and takes a closer look at all the evidence, they will begin the challenging task of trying to determine how much money it is going to take to protect you well past your retirement. After putting all the pieces of this case together, your attorney will present the offer to the insurance company and wait for their reply. Many times, the insurance company will want to avoid a lengthy trial and settle right there.

In the event the insurance company feels they can poke holes in the injury case and get you to settle for less, your accident attorney will bring plenty of evidence and expert witnesses to court on your behalf.

Your job is to focus on healing, let your Olympia personal injury lawyer deal with all the particulars in these types of cases. As you begin to heal, your accident attorney and his team are working hard behind the scenes to ensure that your financial future is protected well into your retirement years.