Keeping One’s Mind in Good Shape

As a lawyer who suffers more than his share of defeats and frustrations during my regular work, I’ve found that some way to vent my frustrations is not just good exercise that benefits my health, it’s also something essential if I want to maintain my sanity and approach my work with a good attitude.

That is why I do a regular hour workout in the gym each evening after leaving the office. Regardless of the weather or other commitments, I head directly from the job to the gym. I had a disagreement with my wife at first, because she felt I should come straight home to join the family. But once I explained that I’d be worse company if I went home with all the feelings and stress in me she understood. I think it also helped when she had to deal with me those two weeks when the gym was closed for major upgrades. Only jogging every day rain or shine in the jogging suit and shoes I’d bought from Puma with one of their discount Groupon coupons kept me from becoming totally unbearable during that period.

When I go to the gym I don my togs and warm up by jogging around the track. Then I work out with the weights, and follow that by pedaling the stationary bike at least 5 miles. Then I do my real workout on the heavy bag for at least 15 or 20 minutes. I even name the bag the folks who’ve upset me the most lately and get in some good punches. Of course, I’m not a real boxer and know nothing about it. I do it to get rid of my frustrations, bounce around in my Puma shorts and training shoes. And I remind myself I could easily be out fighting on the subway instead of driving to and from my job. It helps get things back in perspective.

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After I finish on the bag I do 10 laps in the pool, then soak in the whirlpool. Then I take my shower, get dressed and drive home to join the wife and kids for a late supper. By that time the work on the bag has let me vent all my anger and frustration, so the kids think I am as gentle as a panda. They have no idea what that bag has had to take