How to Recoup Expenses Due to Third-Party Injuries

Avoiding injuries on the job are the goal for almost every worker. No one wants to limit or eliminate their income by being sidelined with injuries. In cases of injuries caused by a third-party company, you may have another avenue available to get compensated for your loss of income and medical expenses.

What is a third-party injury?

An injury done by a third-party happens when you are carrying out your normal work duties and are injured by an individual, product, or equipment of an outside company. It is still considered a work-related injury, but some of the liability will rest with this third-party company. Your employer will not have to bear the brunt of compensation.

Will Workman’s Comp cover the injury?

Workman’s Comp protection will pay for a portion of the expenses to get you back on track and healthy, but it will most likely leave you owing some in medical costs, depending on the extent of the injuries. You do need to seek legal recourse on the third-party if the costs are more than you can absorb.

Options for Third-Party Claims

Along with taking the available benefits offered by your employers Workman’s Comp, you need to understand your options with third-party claims. You have the right to sue the individual causing injury and the company they represent. It can help you come up with the needed funds to recover.

Hire an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

The best path to resolving these issues is to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer familiar with filing third-party insurance claims Beaverton OR. You can find out quickly if your case falls into the parameters of a third-party claim.

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Healing from work-related injuries can be delayed through added stress of financial burdens from the inability to work. Find out if you qualify to seek damages and compensation with a third-party claim.