How Can an Everett Car Accident Attorney Help Win Your Case

Holding the other party responsible after a car accident is a challenge for most because you are so focused on getting medical attention and dealing with all your injuries. The longer you are treated, the more that evidence from the accident is going to disappear. That is one reason you need to have legal representation right out of the gate when involving injuries and auto accidents.

Consider these reasons to be in contact with a skilled car accident attorney Everett WA professional as quickly as you can reach for that phone.

Preserving Every Ounce of Evidence

Once you have consulted with and retained the services of the local Everett personal injury lawyer, they will begin to immediately get that evidence and scene preserved so that it can tell the story of the accident whenever that trial date arrives. The law firm has an investigative team at the ready to rush to the location to begin the preservation process.

Once at the scene, the team meets with witnesses they tracked down to preserve their testimony, takes pictures of the location, videotapes the surrounding area, and begins taking important measurements of the location.

Acting as the Buffer to the Insurance Company

When you defend yourself in a personal injury case, you have to meet and speak with representatives of the insurance company. If they sense weakness, they will pressure the victim to the point that they take far less for their injuries than they are entitled. Your personal injury lawyer understands how to deal with the insurance company and will shield you from their ploys by acting like a buffer from the moment you are hired.

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Once the insurance company wants to talk, they will have to deal from here out with your lawyer, who is going to make it clear at the start that this investigation needs to run its course and then a settlement offer will be made.

Getting Every Dollar for Your Injuries

Your Everett accident lawyer has a lot of work ahead of them before they can simply make a settlement offer to the insurance company. Your accident attorney is going to carefully analyze all the evidence, speak with all the medical professionals who have seen and treated your injuries, talk with witnesses, and then determine how these injuries are going to have a negative impact on your life today, tomorrow, and after retirement.

Once these factors are all considered, then your personal injury lawyer will present the insurance company with a settlement offer. If the case does not settle out of court, your attorney is prepared for a fight in the courts.

If you can reach for your phone to take pictures of the auto accident, you have no excuse to not be speaking to the car accident attorney too. Have a friend or family member make the call while you are transported to the hospital, allowing the Everett law firm to get the ball rolling by collecting the evidence before it has the chance to disappear forever.