Have you been in a Motorcycle Accident in Hampton Roads VA?

When someone purchases a motorcycle, there is always someone who will warn him about potential risks that come with it. Of course, we all know that driving a bike comes with risks, so you have to know what to do in case of an accident.

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Therefore, you should follow certain things when it comes to motorcycle accidents, and what you should do right afterward:

Immediately After Accident

  • Check For Injuries – It is essential to check whether you can move directly after the crash. The first thing that you should do is to check whether everyone is okay and if someone requires medical attention. Call 911 immediately to reduce the possibility of further injury. To find out more about 911, click here.
  • Get out of the Roadway – The best thing that you can do is to move all vehicles off the road to a safe location, but don’t do it if there are risks of getting hurt. We recommend you to use flares, hazard lights, and warning triangles to notify other drivers that accident happened and that you’re waiting for police and ambulance.
  • Gather Relevant Information – The next thing that you should do right after checking that everyone is okay, is to exchange information with everyone who was involved. It is essential to ask the phone number, name, license numbers and insurance information of all drivers. At the same time, you should note car make, plate numbers, models and description that will help you make a case afterward.
  • Call the Cops – We have mentioned that you should call an ambulance in the first point, especially if you feel unable to cope with the accident injury. If there is substantial property damage or if anyone has an injury, then you should call the police. The main reason for that is because the police report is essential for your efforts to make a valuable case and to recover damage for clothing, bike, and injuries. Have in mind that some wounds will not be evident if you call cops a day after, so do it immediately.
  • Create Your Report – This particular factor depends on how severe your injury is and how seriously you may be hurt. If you can stand up, we recommend you to take notice of all information that will prove vital for the accident case. This includes questions: when, where and how. You should try to make a note on location, road conditions, weather, speed limits, the direction of vehicles that were part of it. You can also take pictures of everything around you because that way you will have proof.
  • Talk To Witnesses – Of course, everything depends on how severely you’ve suffered an injury. However, if you can stand up and think straight, try to talk with people who were around while accident happened. You can also record their comments at the scene so that you can use it as legal proof of what happened. We all know that memories easily fade, especially when the stressful moment happens. Therefore, you should get valuable information as soon as you can get up and talk to someone. Check this website: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Automobile_safety to learn more on automobile safety.
  • Never Admit Your Fault – In most times after the accident, people tend to say things without thinking them through. It seems unclear to some people that they should not mean that it is their fault. Most of them have a temptation that will make them apologize for an accident, even if it’s not their fault. You shouldn’t agree with various versions of accidents instead of your own, especially if there are inaccurate points. Accidents tend to be stressful, which is why people cannot remember each detail that happened. Therefore, you shouldn’t make statements that will make you more guilty than you already are. Everyone is innocent until someone proves different, remember this particular sentence.
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Most of these steps that we’ve mentioned above can be very challenging to achieve because you can seriously get hurt. Therefore, remember, the first and primary concern should be to get medical attention and to run to the safety.