Difficulties of Defending Assault Charges

No two criminal charges are ever the same. The elements that make up crimes may share certain elements, but each different criminal charge has its own special intricacy. Because criminal defense is an intricate art form, criminal attorneys often specialize in defending clients charged with specific crimes. For example, driving under the influence and murder are both criminal charges, but they have very different elements to the crime and carry significantly different punishments if an individual is convicted. Because of this an attorney that specializes in driving under the influence cases will most likely not be able to take on a murder case. The same logic applies to assault cases. If an individual is charged with an assault it is advisable to retain an attorney that specializes in assault cases.

When searching for an assault attorney Lincoln NE it is important to confirm that the attorney specializes in assault cases. Naturally, it is common sense to seek out a criminal attorney for a criminal case. One would not retain a divorce lawyer to defend an assault case. However, most people are unaware that there are criminal attorneys better capable of defending assault cases than others. It is necessary to be cognizant of this fact when deciding the proper attorney to retain.

The severity of an assault charge will depend on the specific facts of a case. Assault is simple a catchall term for a variety of crimes that a person could be charged with. Before seeking the assistance of an attorney, a person should be familiar with the facts of their case and the type of assault that they have been charged with. The different types of assault cases are simple assault, domestic assault, assault of a child, assault of a law enforcement officer, and assault with a deadly weapon. For example, assault against a spouse would be classified as a domestic assault which may require an attorney to devise a different defense strategy from a simple assault charge.

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Assault charges may also be combined, which could carry stiffer penalties. An argument between a husband and wife that escalates to the wife striking the husband with a frying pan could result in both a domestic assault charge and an assault with a deadly weapon charge. In an instance such as this it is especially important to retain an experienced criminal attorney that specializes in assault cases because the penalty for being convicted of two assault charges may be quite severe.

A capable criminal attorney specializing in assault cases should have experience handling a wide variety of these cases. In addition, the attorney should demonstrate the patience to sit down with a client and hear their entire story to better understand their case. Assault cases can be very complicated and fact specific, therefore, an attorney that takes the time to sit and understand all aspects of the case will be able to provide the proper defense. Being charged with an assault does not have to be a traumatic experience if a proper attorney is chosen.