All that you need to know about accident & personal injuries explained

No matter how careful you are on the road, whether you are driving, or you just happen to be a passenger, you are always prone to injuries thanks to a negligent driver. Nevertheless, the fact that these incidences are common especially in Covington KY, does not mean that you bear with all the hospital bills, emotional trauma due to loss of a loved one or life-changing injuries as you can always pursue a personal injury case and get compensation.

Unfortunately, most people consider accident & personal injuries murky waters because they have no idea where to start or seek help. In respect to that, most of them do not always seek legal action against the negligent party hence end up being stuck with thousands of dollars in medical bills, lost wages and on top of it all the physical and emotional trauma.
Fortunately, this article seeks to explain the A to Z of a personal injury case because the more elite you are about the matter, the smoother the transition will be. Look below

What is a personal injury case?

Commonly referred to as tort law, it refers to a law which allows someone who gets injured due to someone else’s action or inaction to seek for legal compensation for the financial and non-financial damages that were because of the incident. Financial damages refer to the ones that are quantifiable such as the medical bills or a lost source of income. In other words, they can be calculated and pointed out to the jury easily. While non-financial refer to the non-quantifiable because they cannot be calculated. For instance, the emotional suffering or pain which one might have gone through after the incident.

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How do I know my case is qualified as a personal injury?

As mentioned earlier, this is one of the most complicated areas of the law and as such, there are plenty of myths and misconceptions flying all over the place. For instance, it is common to hear someone say that a minor injury does not warrant any compensation and as such you cannot file a case. However, that is just a misconception which people have developed to prevent others from seeking the legal help they deserve. So how do you know your case qualifies? You do not need to do any kind of guesswork because seeking help from a professional car accident attorney Covington KY will ensure that you are in the know as he/she boasts extensive knowledge in this field and has also dealt with a diverse array of accident & personal injury cases to know whether yours qualifies or not.

Stages of a personal injury case

Note, the following are the steps which follow the incident occurs and you’ve already received the required medical attention

– Meeting with the attorney is often the first step so you can learn what your chances of winning the lawsuit are and also, so you can hand out the relevant information. All the next steps take place with the help of this lawyer.
– Investigation of the claim and the medical records
– Filing an insurance claim
– Filing a lawsuit
– Discovery or fact-finding process
– Mediation or resolutions where both parties try and come to a consensus before the trial
– If mediation does not work then the trial starts.

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In a nutshell

The process of seeking compensation in Covington KY is not as daunting as people try to make it. All you need to do is seek help from a proficient attorney and the rest will be easy because he/she boasts extensive knowledge on this area. So, they are in a better position to help you get the settlement as they are aware of how to maneuver through the justice system better than you.