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Here’s How To Spy intercepts Confidential Data

The tapping of Australian intelligence to a number of high-ranking officials in Indonesia, including President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Vice President Boediono and First Lady Ani Yudhoyono, was both shocking and disappointing. President Yudhoyono also regretted the act of wiretapping the phone conversation was actually done by friendly countries of Indonesia.

Tapping is also done by the United States. Former US intelligence officer Edward Snowden leaked the tapping through media in Brazil, Britain and Australia. He was hunted by the United States government after carrying a pile of spy documents from the National Security Agency (NSA).

In addition to tapping with the phone, important information can be obtained from anywhere, even from someone’s status and e-mail. Quoted from Yahoo News, the technology that is present now can instead be a boomerang for its users so that important information can be tracked easily. Here are four details:

1. NSA Build Data Center for Read Email

From now on, carefully keep important or personal data in e-mail, especially in the draft, as it may be that the NSA will find out. By building a data center in Utah, the NSA can read millions of data since its creation was completed in September 2013.

Actually, the number of internet traffic usage of e-mail is still very small to be tracked. However, with the algebraic calculations the NSA made, it could be possible. So, check back and secure the data contained in your e-mail.

2. The FBI Has Data on Important People

Working with large companies is quite promising, but apparently the information on the cover letter vulnerable to information leakage. If the applicant’s profile score is high, the FBI’s American intelligence service will immediately track the person’s whereabouts.

Steve Job’s personal data was one that the FBI controlled while considering work for 41st US president George HW in 1991. In addition to Steve Job, musicians such as John Lennon, Marilyn Monroe, and Jimi Hendrix were also among the FBI-supervised. In addition to personal data, the FBI also claims, they have a number of other important data, such as the network of hemp trade.

3. Status of Facebook and Twitter

In addition to friends or followers, it turns out Facebook and Twitter status can be watched by security agencies in America, Homeland Security. The goal is for the government to know if a person’s tweet or status contains information that could threaten security or terrorism. The people involved in the matter will be directly supervised by the spy.

4. Internet Service Provider (ISP)

ISPs often ask site visitors to save files or fill in some data. Looks not suspicious, but it turns out someone’s important information can be tracked by the spy organization. In fact, with ISPs, information about the time and type of sites visited can also be tracked. ISPs typically store a number of important data, such as company logos, bank information, and IP addresses. Such information can be accessed to resolve criminal and civil cases for law enforcement even without the owner’s permission.