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Retaining Legal Counsel for Challenging Case

Cases involving child custody and child support are nearly always contentious. Both parents are running on high emotions and may not have the best relationship with each other. However, they may want the best for the child or children in question.

Because each state has its own set of family laws on the books, parents also may not know how to present the best argument to the court. They only know that they want custody and support from the other parent. By retaining a lawyer who practices in litigation, divorce, or family law Pasco County FL residents like you could get the outcome you want when you take your case to court.

Proving Parental Fitness

The judge overseeing the case is obligated under the law to determine what parent is the fittest to take on the custody of the child or children. The judge will use a set of criteria outlined by the state’s law to gauge the readiness and capability of each parent in handling the daily care of the minor kids in question.

When you and the other parent meet most or all of the criteria, you need to make a more solid argument in court to prove your case. You may need to bring up past incidences of abuse or neglect that the other parent inflicted on the family. This challenge can be difficult, which is why you may want to hand off the task to your lawyer.

Your lawyer can also make sure that you are given fair visitation rights if you lose your custody bid. In this case, you probably will be paying child support. You can pay the support and get visitation with your children in return by hiring an attorney to make your case in court.

Child custody and child support cases are emotionally charged and challenging to endure. You may not have the tenacity to represent yourself. You can get the legal guidance and counsel you need by retaining the services of a professional family law attorney. Your lawyer can effectively argue on your behalf and protect your best interests.

Are Dog Parks Safe?

If you’re a dog owner, you may enjoy taking your dog to a nearby dog park to play with other dogs. Dog parks offer a good place for exercise and socialization, but they can also create the potential for serious injuries to your dog and to you.

Portland, as well as most large cities, provide enclosed area dog parks where you can take your dogs to run around and play. Enclosed dog parks are fenced areas where you can unleash your dog, so he can play freely without feeling restricted by his leash. Most area dog parks are free of charge to dog owners and provide a pleasant day out for dogs and owners. However, dog parks are not for everyone. In some cases, dog parks can encourage aggressive behavior traits in dogs that lead to dog bites and other injuries. As dogs run around the park, some dogs may become nervous and feel threatened by what seems to be a chaotic environment. When a dog becomes aggressive, other dogs and people in the park are put at a much higher risk from:

* Dog fights that result in injuries to other dogs
* Dog fights that result in injuries to dog owners
* Fatal injuries to small dogs caused by large dogs
* Injuries and fatalities to small children

If your dog shows aggressive behavior around other dogs and/or people, an enclosed dog park may not be for you. Aggressive behaviors can quickly escalate in this type of environment. Even if you are closely watching your dog, a dog fight can break out in a few seconds, and once it does, it’s difficult to stop. A Portland Oregon personal injury attorney often sees dog owners who suffer dog bites and vicious dog attacks while trying to break up a dog fight.

If you’re a parent with young children under the age of 10, it’s best not to visit a dog park with your kids. Sudden screaming, loud noises, running, and fast movements can trigger prey-like behaviors in many dogs. To prevent injury to your kids, leave them at home if you head to the dog park.